Shanghai’s white-collar workers grow increasingly unhealthy

According to a new white paper published by Shanghai Foreign Service Group, an increasing number of white-collar workers in Shanghai are receiving failing grades on their physical examinations.
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Health Issues

For men, the white paper indicates that the primary health issues relate to being obese or overweight, with more than 53 percent of male subjects classified as overweight, 46 percent suffering from a fatty liver and about 26 percent displaying elevated blood lipid levels. These health issues are hardly surprising given the drastically rising levels of obesity in China between 1980 and 2015.

For women, the white paper indicates that the primary health issues are more varied, with 85 percent of female subjects diagnosed with breast lesions (that could eventually lead to breast cancer), 34 percent diagnosed with thyroid disorder and about 23 percent suffering from hemorrhoids.

The white paper was generated using data from approximately 500,000 physical exams taken by white-collar workers in Shanghai over the past five years.

Health Awareness

Although the white paper found that white-collar workers are growing increasingly unhealthy, it also found that white-collar workers are increasingly aware of and paying increasing attention to their health. Specifically, about 84 percent of subjects said they followed their health conditions closely or very closely, although those with healthy lifestyles dropped to 64 percent last year from 77 percent in 2015.

Health Insurance

The white paper also showed that more people are turning to commercial health insurance to cope with financial risks caused by health problems. The prevalence of insurance purchases among the participants reached 15.3 percent last year, a rise of 4 percentage points in just one year.

Most participants also expected their companies to help them with effective health management, such as offering membership cards for gyms, flexible working schedules and regular physical examinations.

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