Possible side effects of Pueraria mirifica supplements for breast enlargement

Many women who consume Pueraria mirifica supplements in hopes of gaining larger breasts have been found to suffer serious side effects including menstrual irregularities and other disorders.

Pueraria mirifica supplements available for sale in China

Some of the Pueraria mirifica (野葛根) supplements available in China.

Pueraria mirifica

Pueraria mirifica (野葛根) is a plant native to Thailand and parts of Myanmar. Dried and powdered, the tuberous root of Pueraria mirifica (กวาวเครือ) has a long history of domestic consumption in Thai traditional folk medicine as a rejuvenating herb to promote youthfulness in both women and men, and it is used widely within the now government regulated practice of traditional Thai medicine.

Pueraria mirifica contains miroestrol and deoxymiroestrol, which are phytoestrogens, or plant estrogens. They are part of a group of plant compounds known as isoflavones. Soy is also commonly known for its beneficial isoflavones.

Medicinal applications

In addition to its role in traditional Thai medicine, Pueraria mirifica has been widely marketed internationally as a natural and safe alternative to hormone replacement therapy (HRT) (e.g., for menopausal women), and recently as a breast enlargement supplement (e.g., in the form of serums, pills and creams).

According to BreastHow, Pueraria mirifica “roots contain a miracle estrogenic phenol, miroestrol. It’s among the three main estrogens produced by human body and thus is the safest. Since it has the highest affinity for estrogen receptors and binding sites on breast area, it has the highest phytoestrogenic activity and higher success rate when it comes to natural breast enhancement. So it helps in enhancing and enlarging breasts by providing bio-identical hormone replacement treatment to your body.”

Possible side effects

All herbs have the capacity to cause side effects.

In 2011, three sixteen-year-old girls in Singapore suffered from abdominal pain and diarrhoea after consuming “F-cup Cookies” said to contain Pueraria mirifica, in an attempt to boost their breast size.

Consumer data collected in Japan since 2012 includes complaints that use of Pueraria mirifica supplements resulted digestive and skin disorders, including stomachaches and rashes, as well as symptoms unique to women, such as menstrual irregularity and abnormal bleeding. By age bracket, 20-somethings account for the largest portion of complaints (~30 percent).

Very few scientific reports are available on the safety and efficacy of consuming Pueraria mirifica to gain bigger breasts and other purposes.


While Pueraria mirifica supplements are widely available for sale in China, they have been banned from food products in the European Union and South Korea.

Use of Pueraria mirifica in food products is not regulated in Japan, however the quasi-governmental National Consumer Affairs Center (NCAC) of Japan warned that many women hoping to gain bigger breasts have been suffering menstrual irregularities and other disorders after consuming supplements containing Pueraria mirifica plant extract.

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