A guide to bringing your pets into China

Pets imported into China are required to undergo 7- to 30-days mandatory quarantine.  The length of the quarantine period is dependent on the rabies status of the country from which the pet is being imported into China.

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Pet owners are allowed to bring in one pet per passport. You will need a “Z-visa” (official employment visa) to import your pet. You will need the following documents to clear health & quarantine requirements:

  1. Official certification of recent rabies vaccination;
  2. An official certificate from your current country (e.g., government office) for exporting your pet outside of the country; and
  3. A health certificate (or letter) prepared by your veterinarian in your current country, attesting to the health of your pet.

Pets are quarantined at a government run facility and owners will be charged for the quarantine. The quarantine will be strictly enforced even for elderly pets or pets with pre-existing health conditions. Home quarantine previously offered when mandatory quarantine was 30-days will not be considered unless there are extraordinary circumstances concerning the animal and its health.

The Beijing quarantine facilities are operated by the Quarantine Bureau and are located near the airport. Pets are fed and watered daily and kennels are cleaned regularly. Pets are provided with basic care and treated humanely. Visitation is not currently permitted while pets are under quarantine.

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  1. Dude Jue
    8月 18, 2013 at 8:16 上午 #

    You should think about hiring a dog agent — I’ve heard they can cut down the quarantine time, and arrange visits.

    • WebMD
      2月 27, 2014 at 11:24 上午 #

      Yes, I have heard of dog agents reducing the quarantine time to two weeks!

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