5th China International Medical Tourism Fair held in Beijing

The 5th China International Medical Tourism Fair will be held at the China International Exhibition Center in Beijing from November 18-20, 2016.
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The Fair will cover many aspects/areas of medical tourism, including:

  • Medical Institutions and Comprehensive Hospital
  • Specialist Hospitals and Clinics
  • Health Management and Health Examination Center
  • Plastic Surgery Hospital
  • Fertility and Service, Confinement Recuperation Center
  • Medical New Technology and Equipment
  • High-end Medical, Private Doctors
  • Tele-Medicine, M-Health
  • Customized travel
  • Hotels & High-end Resorts
  • Anti-aging Hospital and Club
  • Health Recuperation Club
  • Medical Insurance
  • Medical Research Institute and Media
  • Dental Clinic

Of the $215 billion that Chinese tourists spent last year overseas, a whopping $10 billion went towards overseas medical tourism.

Although China’s wealthier upper class continues to favor medical tourism destinations in the United States and Western Europe, China’s growing middle-class have shown increasing interest in the more affordable medical tourism options offered in South Korea, Singapore and Thailand.

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